Restaurant ThaiMark

Welcome to our Thai Restaurant in Rønne! 

Restaurant ThaiMark is located on the ground floor of Hotel Rønne H, the old train station at the harbor in Rønne – on the lovely island of Bornholm.

The menu consists of a good combination of dishes, using the fresh Nordic ingredients of the season, flavored with quality Asian spices, and offering unique tastes and presentations for your great culinary experiences.  

ThaiMark bord Restaurant ThaiMark, come see the New Thai Restaurant in Rønne

From time to time, we will offer takeaway specific dishes. This will be announced on our Facebook page (Danish).

Send us an email if you like to get in touch at or use this contact form. You can also follow our progress on this website, as well as on Facebook and on Instagram , or simply come see the new Thai Restaurant in Rønne.

Kindly notice that the menu function is still in test mode and that we do not receive online orders yet. 

Best regards,
Kruamat Jansuk Rømer

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